Office Remodel

This office remodel is part of a whole home renovation but as part of our consultation we focused on the office as this was the first room our client wanted to start remodeling. 

This office was large in size but needed organising to make the most of the space. Our client worked from home mainly and so this room needed to be somewhere she could do day to day work in but also a space that she could bring clients to.


We started off by focusing on the floorplan and creating areas for different tasks. You will notice in the bottom of the floorplan there is a sound booth. When we visited site it was placed in the center of the room but there were quite large gaps either side of the nook which made it feel lost and just plonked there, so we proposed to extend the walls around the booth so it fit snugly in the nook. This will make it feel like it's meant to be there and feel more cohesive in the space. We then focused on the bay window. This window brought in quite a lot of light and so we wanted to make this area somewhere that was nice to sit for both our client and her potential clients that would be coming round. We thought creating a window seat here made the most sense and it would be a usable seating area, it would make the room feel cosier and would also be usable if this room were to ever change into a snug, which was potentially going to happen further down the line.

Our client had her desk facing away from the fireplace when we went to visit but as it was such a beautiful fireplace we wanted to change the orientation of the desk to face towards the window and to give our client a better view of the fireplace. Next to the fireplace there was a lovely nook area that we proposed to paint in an accent colour to highlight it in the room. We believed that if it became a feature in the room people were more likely to use it and it also allowed us to add some colour in the otherwise neutral room.

Behind the desk we added a wall of modular storage to suit our clients needs and we also added some low shelving below the window next to the nook area for additional storage. Our client enjoyed exercising and so we thought the low storage below the window would be a nice place to exercise and would be a great place to store her weights and yoga mat.

As part of our consultation we also create a mood board which correlates to the floorplan we have created. Our client is Scandinavian and loves neutral colours, natural materials and clean lines so we chose furniture to match her style. All of the furniture in the mood board is to scale in the floorplan so our client could see how each item fitted in her space.

Our client really liked the layout and ideas we came up with for her office and will hopefully be transforming this room in the near future.