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Ground Floor Renovation for Wheelchair Use

This ground floor renovation of a home in Nottingham was in need of space planning to make the space work for my client who needed it to be suitable for wheelchair access as well as functional for day to day family living. When Design In Motion got involved with this project it was going through planning to allow our clients to extend their home out the back to create a larger ground floor space. We worked with a local architect to come up with several floorplan options that would suit all family members. 

Option One: This option turned our clients current living room into the master bedroom with their snug then becoming a wet room and storage. We relocated the kitchen to the new extension and created an open kitchen, living and dining room the whole family could enjoy. 

Option Two: This option shows a different orientation at the back of the house with a U-shaped kitchen, space for a log burner and a central dining table.

Option Three: This option shows a different orientation at the back of the house to give our clients a kitchen island that is central to the space with the living area towards the back of the extension near the bifold doors.

Final Floorplan: After much deliberation with different ideas for our clients, we settled on this floorplan. We relocated the kitchen to the front room to give them lots of natural light. Off the kitchen we created a snug for the family to relax in and to create a space that is nice to walk in from the hallway. From the sung you walk into the main living room at the back of the house with a pocket door leading into the master bedroom. We used pocket doors here to allow more space in the master bedroom for wheelchair access and to allow our clients to open up the space fully during the day if they pleased. We also added sliding doors leading from the master bedroom out onto the garden to allow our clients to be able to see the garden from their bedroom and to allow easy access out into the garden in a wheelchair. Off the master bedroom in the new extension we created a large wet room to act as an en-suite for the master bedroom and as a downstairs toilet for the family. ​

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