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Open Plan Living & Dining

Living Dining Floorplan Image_edited.jpg

The client for this floorplan came to Design In Motion as she needed help making the most of the space she had but didn't know how to divide the room up with allocated sections. Unfortunately, we were in the middle of the Covid pandemic when our client wanted some help so instead of an in person meeting, we conducted our consultation over the phone. Our client kindly sent us dimensions of her space, as well as before photos to give us an idea of how the space felt in person. She wanted this room to be multi-functional and to house a dining table, a space for a living room, a log burner and to also incorporate the current love seat she had. During our over the phone consultation we really got a feel for what our client wanted so we went away and came up with the above floorplan. 

We started off by adding a dining table at the bottom right hand side of the floorplan as the size of space was perfect for it and the kitchen is to the right so they flow nicely into each other. We suggested placing a decorative bookshelf or display cabinet behind the dining table to add interest to the area with mirrors on the opposite wall to bounce light into this area of the room. 

Moving to the left we wanted to add a log burner to this elevation to break up the otherwise very long wall and for the log burner to be at the centre of the room, visible from all areas.

To the left of the log burner we created a snug seating area with our clients current love seat. We thought this would be a lovely place to sit and enjoy the warmth of the log burner in winter and the breeze coming in from the French doors in summer. 

At the top of our floorplan is the living area where we added a large corner sofa to fill the space and added some decorative pieces either side. We added an area rug to define this space and to separate it from the other areas in this large room. We then added a sideboard and TV on the opposite wall. 

When we were planning this floorplan we wanted to keep the open plan feel but also have defined spaces so it didn't feel empty and unorganised. We also wanted to keep the central floor space clear to allow access through the room while also allowing the natural light from the French doors and windows to come through the room as much as possible. 

Our client was really happy with what we came up with and is currently renovating the space and using our floorplan as a starting point.

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