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Living Room Remodel

This living room was in need of an update but my clients weren't sure what they wanted and were looking for a fresh set of eyes to give them some options. 

From our initial consultation it was decided we were going to remove the fireplace as never got used and took up a lot of space in the room and we had discussed using wood panelling somewhere in the room as my clients really liked the look of it. We went away and came up with a space plan and coordinating mood board to show our clients what we think would look best in the space. 

Wood panelling is beautiful and so we wanted this to be the main focal point in the room. We placed this on the main wall and also the back wall to make this room feel cosier and to offset the long length of the room. The deep blue colour we chose for the panelling highlighted this as a feature wall and created a more modern feel. Brown leather looks great against deep blues so we chose this material for the sofa and went with light grey curtains to compliment the colours in the rest of the room. We brought in some wooden tones to warm up the space and to tie into the rest of the home. We finished the room off with black accessories to again modernise the room.

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