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African Living Room

This living room was redesigned to remind my clients of their honeymoon in South Africa. They absolutely loved the culture and the colours in their interiors and wanted to recreate this in their own home.

After some research, we focused on the raw materials and natural colours from South Africa to bring into our clients living room. We had to be mindful of incorporating the red sofas into the interior theme as our clients wanted these to stay, so we decided to go for a calming green on the walls and neutral stone grey carpet to not overpower the room.


We then wanted to add the raw materials into the space by adding oak shelving with industrial steel brackets and a bespoke statement piece, the TV unit. As my clients living room was long in shape, we wanted to break this up and have the attention be in the centre of the room. This bespoke TV unit does just that and not only looks beautiful but also encases a stunning glass fireplace, hides all of the TV cables and has shelving below for storage. We then added concrete wall lights, charcoal grey curtains and black curtain poles to complete the room.

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