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Snug Design

This snug room design is part of a whole house renovation and is the first room on the ground floor to be completed.

Our client wanted to create a cosy room that could be used for family time to watch movies in, with storage options for games, electronics and a display wall to house movie memorabilia. 

We started with the floorplan, deciding to place the TV on the same wall as the door in the room to give more space for seating on the opposite side of the room. We then wanted to create a bespoke TV unit which blended into the room and provided lots of storage. In the snug room there were some pipes that were going to be boxed in which would create a jut out in the room. We decided to use this to our advantage and run the storage cabinets in line with this wall so it looked intentional and all integrated. 


We then focused our attention on the display wall and came up with the idea of individual boxes of all different shapes to give plenty of space to house memorabilia items and family photos. Fortunately, our client was a joiner by trade and so we could get creative and come up with something completely bespoke for this wall.


All joinery was then painted the same colour to bring it all together in the room and is a nice contrast against the brighter blue colour on the walls and ceiling. 

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