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En-Suite Remodel

This en-suite was large in size but awkward in shape due to being above the garage in the eaves. Our client booked us in for a consultation to see how we could make the most of the space and give her that wow factor. 

The plan for this en-suite was to extend the back wall of the shower out to create a large shower cubicle for my clients so they could leave the front open and give them more space. My clients also wanted to add a roof window to gain more light into the en-suite as the only natural light source currently was a small window.


With these ideas in mind, we created a proposed floorplan for our client to show her how we thought the space would best work. Starting in the bottom left of the floorplan we levelled off the wall to make the toilet in line with the sink to give it a more contemporary look. We added a roof window above the toilet as structurally this was the best place to put it and it gave my clients the natural light where they needed it most. Moving up, we added a large vanity area and sink with the shower remaining in the same place. To the right of the shower we added a towel rail and some bench storage. The space below the window was currently wasted so by adding some bench storage here it gave this area a purpose and more storage for towels, cleaning products and anything else she wanted to store away. In the bottom right hand side of the floorplan we added a large free standing bath with floor mounted taps and ran spotlights down the middle of the ceiling.

As well as our proposed floorplan we created a mood board to show our client the aesthetic we wanted to go for in this space. All items selected in the mood board relate to the floorplan so our client could physically see how they all work together in her own space. Our client wanted her en-suite to be simple, contemporary and bring that wow factor. Due to this en-suite being dark with not much natural light, we wanted to get creative with artificial lighting. By adding lighting to the skirting boards around the whole room it would create a high-end modern look, while being practical and allowing the space to feel brighter. 

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