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Decorating your home for Christmas

Christmas is the time to be jolly and merry and is our favourite time of year. Christmas is also when everyone’s family and friends come around to celebrate so your home needs to look perfect for the festivities.

Design In Motion want to help you create the perfect interior for your home this Christmas so here are our tips for a cosy and warm home this season.

The Tree

The Christmas tree is the hub of the home during December and the most important aspect to get right. Whether your style is traditional with reds, gold and greens, or all white with hints of silver, or colourful and vibrant with random accessories the first point of call are the lights. Our personal favourite lights are warm white LED lights that have several settings so you can change the speed and twinkle depending on your mood. LED lights are a much brighter light than the usual bulb and last much longer so are a great option for your Christmas lights. Start from the bottom of your tree and work your way up, allowing some extra lights at the top to light up your angel or tree topper. We would recommend getting 200 LED lights for a tree that is 5 to 6 foot tall to give it that sparkle and glow. If you have a tree that is smaller or taller, allow 100 LED lights per 3 foot.

Decorations are such a personal part of a tree and should represent what you love about Christmas. The trick is to always get more bauble baubles than you think you need as they soon run out and you want to make your tree look full of life! We would recommend getting different shapes and sizes for your decorations to add variety and interest to your tree. When we go shopping for our decorations we tend to get 4-8 bauble baubles per style and 20-30 bauble baubles for our base decorations. The base decorations are the more standard decorations that add colour and fullness to your tree. To save money, which is always important at this time of year, we would suggest buying these in sets as you get a lot more for your money and they break up the more decorative decorations. For a tree that is a 5 to 6 foot tall we would suggest buying around 100 bauble baubles. If you have a tree that is smaller or taller, allow 50 bauble baubles per 3 foot.

Tree toppers are also an important part of your tree and there are many different options to choose from. For those who are more traditional an Angel at the top of the tree would be the look for you and looks great as it glows with the lights beneath her. For those who are more modern a star is a great option for a tree topper and is becoming more and more popular. A lot of stars also have the option to be lit up separately to the Christmas lights around the tree and adds another glow to the space. Place the tree topper at the very highest point of your tree and watch it glow!

The Fireplace

The fireplace is also a great area to add decoration to your home and to make your room feel cosy and warm. Stockings are for presents from Santa and therefore should be pinned above the fireplace so he can leave the presents for the household there with ease. We are big fans of placing tinsel or forestry around your mantle piece. This really sets the tone for Christmas and highlights the fireplace as one of the main pieces in your home.

The Dining Table

Christmas dinner is the main event of the day and not only needs to be delicious but your dining table also needs to look inviting and ready for the festive occasion. Table runners or tablecloths are one way you can really spruce up your dining table ready for Christmas. We would recommend going for something vibrant and really decorative to fill the table up as this makes such a difference and is fairly inexpensive. What we also love is adding forestry or tinsel, perhaps that you have used elsewhere also, to the middle of the table to again add interest. Christmas is the time of year to bring out your best cutlery and crockery and to arrange them nicely on the table. Having all of the plates, bowls, glasses and cutlery already on the table make dinner stress free and also adds decoration. If you are unsure on how to lay a table, there are many great articles online that you can find step by step instructions. Finally, we are huge fans of candles and light! Why not add some tall candles to the centre of the table to make the everything feel warm and cosy for your Christmas dinner. If you have young children, we would recommend using fairy lights down the length of your runner to add that sparkle.

Additional Decorations

The are many additional ways you can make your home feel festive this season through additional decorations. These include models of Santa, light up villages and carousels, wreaths for your front door, fairy lights above your kitchen cabinets and up the stairs and much much more. A lot of these items can be found in your local homeware shops but there are also many options online. Our moto is “go big or go home” and in an ideal world we believe that every room should be decorated with something for Christmas to keep the magic flowing.

We hope this blog helps you create your perfect Christmas interior for your family and friends to admire this season.

If you are looking to upgrade your interiors for the New Year, Design In Motion would love to help. To book your consultation visit our Contact page on

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