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Be Bold!

Do you want to make a statement in your home through using darker, bolder colours but perhaps aren't sure how to make them work? Well look no further...

Through my experience I tend to find that most people worry when they see a dark colour swatch go near their walls - which is understandable. They are not sure if they should use a darker colour as it may make the room feel smaller, darker and closed in. However; by picking your colours carefully and knowing when to use them, darker colours can make a statement and enhance a room tremendously.

You should always take room size into consideration when wanting to go for a darker colour. The larger your room the more likely it can take a darker colour. However; there are instances where a darker colour can look great in a smaller room such as a snug/movie room or somewhere you don't spend too much time but want it to feel cosy.

Natural light is also something to take into consideration. The more natural light you have in a room the better a darker colour will look as it will still be bright with the light flooding in. If you have a room that doesn't get much natural light and will be used a lot, I would suggest using a lighter colour to try to bring the light in more.

Have a look around your room - what other colours do you have in furnishings, lighting, accessories and flooring, are they dark colours or lighter colours? If most of the furnishings in your room are darker I would suggest going for a lighter colour to balance out the room and give it some contrast. Alternatively, if most of the furnishings in your room are lighter in colour going for a darker colour will allow everything to stand out more and give the room more depth.

When picking a darker colour make sure it has some depth to it and isn't a flat colour. You want people to go 'wow' as soon as they walk into your room and this will be achieved through a strong darker colour. Some of my favourite darker colours are rich dark blues, emerald greens and deep greys so keep an eye out for these when shopping for colours.

Once you have decided on a colour the next step is choosing how to use it. Do you use it only on a feature wall or around the whole room? This decision should be based largely on the type of room you have and the size of it. If you have a large room the chances are it can take the darker colour on all walls. If you have a smaller room it is probably best to just paint one wall - the feature wall and use a lighter colour on all of the other walls. For the lighter colour I would look in the same family of colours but several shades lighter so there is only a hint of the darker colour you have chosen in it. With all of this being said the use of the room may change the circumstances as a movie room or snug can take a darker colour on all walls as they are designed to be cosy and warm.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and using a darker colour is brave but the rewards will be amazing if you follow these steps. I would always recommend seeking professional advice from an interior designer when decorating to ensure you are getting it right the first time so you can end up with a stunning home you want to show off.

Need advice and want to get started with your own project? Get in touch on our contact page!

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