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Let there be light!

I am a big believer in having natural light indoors in every room of your home. As humans we are meant to be outdoors in our surroundings but in today's society we are spending on average 90% of our time indoors and not getting the sunlight we need. That's why it is even more important to consider the effect our interiors have on us and to create the best spaces for not only the eye but for our health.

When trying to bring more natural light into your space there are many considerations to take into account. Firstly, what type of fittings do you have for your windows? Do you have curtains, blinds, drapes or shutters? All of these have different benefits and limitations and are a key decision when taking into account the amount of natural light you're getting into your room. For example, the most common window treatments are curtains as they bring colour, pattern, warmth and texture into a space but they can also be very heavy and block natural light getting in. When picking a material for your curtains take into consideration the thickness of the fabric, how big your window is and the visual heaviness the window can take. To bring more light into your home a thinner material is best as light will be able to pass through and into your space; however this is not ideal for bedrooms or areas of rest. A great compromise with curtains is to have two sets, one in front of the other. By doing this you can have a translucent material curtain on the inside to give you privacy but to still give you a natural glow of light into your room, and a thicker curtain on the outside that can be closed for warmth and privacy.

Blinds are also very common in the UK and there are many types to choose from. My favourite type of blinds are solar shades as they not only let light through their material but also keep the view of the outside inside, control glare and heat and have UV protection. They are a great option for any home when trying to get more natural light into your space.

Secondly, where does the sun travel across your home? If you have one side of your home that gets more sunlight than the other this may dictate the window treatment you will use. For example, if the front of your house gets the most sun using solar shades or two curtains is a great option. Using these will encourage the light into your home and by placing mirrors in these brighter rooms this will help bounce light around your home.

Thirdly, the type of flooring you have in your home is also a factor when trying to get more natural light in. If you have carpet throughout most of your home the chances are that light won't be able to travel as the carpet will soak up light, not reflect it. I would suggest using polished tile or laminate or wood flooring throughout most of your home so the light can bounce off it and around to give your home the feeling of more natural light.

If natural light still isn’t possible in some rooms, which may be the case, using sunlight bulbs is a great option. These bulbs mimic sunlight and can really brighten a room and help you get the sunlight effect you’re hoping to achieve.

These are a few quick tips to help you bring natural light into your home. Of course, more dramatic steps can be taken such as adding an orangery or conservatory to your house which automatically brings more light in. Additionally, you could add skylights to rooms and go above and beyond to get the desired amount of light into your home. However, the above tips and trick should help you on your way with achieving the light you desire. 

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